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Why Has Dating Become So Bad And Whose Fault Is That?

Published April 28, 2016 in Dating - 0 Comments

Our society is slowly falling apart; there is too much greed, envy, anger, and hatred. We neglected most important life’s values. Why is it so hard to be in a relationship these days? Why don’t we succeed in love, are we that kind of armatures? Did we forget to love, or even worse, did we forget what love is?

The simple answer to all these questions is that we are not ready. We don’t want to make compromises, we don’t want to put some effort, and we want everything now, easier as it can be.

Only one obstacle is enough to prevent us in our goals. We give up before we even had a chance to start. We seek the rush and thrill and someone to spend a fun time, but not someone who will understand us when we are at our worst and someone with whom we are going to create memories.

We want instant pleasure and not a boring life, we don’t create plans and we don’t have a desire for the future because we don’t believe in it, we believe in adventure and temporal high.

People have become so overwhelmed with most insignificant things that they don’t have time for relationships and love. We have come to the point where we don’t have time to love and we don’t have the patience to deal with relationships. People are chasing material things and they have lost their humanity and compassion.

We aim to instant pleasure in everything we do; in jobs, on social networks, in carriers and in people who we chose to fell in love. We want stability in a relationship immediately, but it takes a time to reach that, we want strong emotion and connection, but it takes years to accomplish those, we want a sense of belonging, but we barely know our partner. By everything said, out time is so precious and we lost patience for all emotional things.
We became so social that we have never been so alone. We go out and meet other people, trying to find the perfect one; we want to have all because we are greedy. But, we don’t make enough time to really know that person before we ditch it, we want perfection, but perfection doesn’t exist. Disappointment is around us, we are suffocating; we compensate physical presence with text messages, video calls, pictures, and chat. We don’t make constructive conversations; there have been too many people around us, but so little topics. We believe in choice of options, there will be other fishes in the pond, but actually we are becoming older, lonelier and bitter.

We like to wonder, we are afraid of commitments, we believe that relationships are not for us and we despise everything that it permanent. But the only thing that we are accomplishing with this behavior is to look on life as it passes right beside us.

Women blame men and men blame women, but we all together should blame the evolution because we are powerless in this game of love.